Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Warmer Than I Thought, Green in Rows, Diamonds on Velvet

1. I worked in my garden for a while, sitting back on the shady grass to rest every now and then.
1.a. I was extremely pleased to see so many earthworms in the soil.
2. We took delivery of a hundred shrubs for a church project. They are lined up in rows and it looks like we have our own personal nursery. I wish!
3. The crescent moon hangs like a teacup with Venus and Jupiter above and below. They are an odd trio hanging there together, but bright and beautiful nonetheless. The rest of the sky is thick with stars, shining layer upon layer far into the black nowhere.


  1. #3 The vastness of the skies especially at night overwhelms me at times. The mind can imagine so many universes and so many possibilities.

  2. Love you rthree things Leonora. Especially the night sky. xxoo