Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashion Imitates Nature, It Needs to be Killed, I Am History

1. When I saw this chicken at Wiloma, I immediately thought of this dress. A cocktail dress of copper-colored satin with a black lace overlay, it once belonged to Steve's grandmother. (Photo shows the back of the dress.)
2. The alfalfa fields are overtaken by mustard plants. While this is a bad thing for the farmer, it is visually stunning to stand at the top of a hill and gaze down upon oceans of yellow blooms in every direction.
3. He describes the dairy farm where he grew up. Dulles Airport now stands in its place. She brings out an old, yellowed newspaper article and there are photographs from a bygone era of his family and farm. I love hearing history described first hand like this. The confounding thing is, he and I are the same age. The "history" we are speaking about are the years of my own childhood. How can that be?


  1. I always fly into Dulles when I visit my sister near Front Royal / Winchester. I'll think about the dairy farm and the people who loved it every time I'm there hereafter.

    Love the association between the dress and the chicken!

  2. That's one lacy chicken. And I love the dress. This weekend we had an auction to attend and I digging (deep) for something to wear. I unzipped an old garment bag to find a silk taffeta, multi-colored checkered (with a gorgeous blue) floor length shirtdress. The buttons glinted like diamonds. It was my mother's. I'd forgotten that she gave it to me some years ago. The auction wasn't the right event for the dress, but wouldn't I like to find the right one!

    It is a bit unsettling talking about history, as in the years of our youth. Yikes. Still, happy to be talking about it. ;)