Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Queen of American Lakes; Lake George, NY


     In all of my American travels I have yet to find a lake I love more than Lake George. I suppose the nostalgia of spending childhood summers there camping and riding the lake steamboats may have something to do with it. But, in its own right, Lake George is a grand and beautiful lake. It is located in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. At thirty-two miles long, it is the largest of many lakes that dot the Adirondacks. Brant Lake, Loon Lake, Schroon Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Lake Placid, Fourth Lake, Racquet Lake, are just a few of those cold mountain lakes. All were formed by the movement of glaciers and are fed by springs so the water is clear and cold. 

     Two hundred islands are scattered over Lake George. A handful of islands are privately owned and the rest are owned by the state of New York. They are maintained by the state for camping and day picnicking. For a small fee you can rent a spot with a boat dock, grill, and outhouse. Whether you want to spend one day or a week, it's a fun way to have your own little slice of piney heaven all to yourself.

    Much of Steve's family also summered in the Adirondacks. They spent their summers at Brant Lake and after I met Steve we spent many of our dating weekends at their place on Brant Lake. Steve taught me how to sail on the catamaran, paddle in a canoe, and water ski. (Steve was a pro at skiing and I could barely stand up.) One of Steve's brothers has continued the tradition of summers in the Adirondacks and still goes up regularly. This year, their youngest daughter planned her wedding to be on Lake George.

     The wedding was at The Barn at Lord Howe Valley in Ticonderoga, Lake George. It is a stunningly beautiful wedding venue nestled in a valley with a mountain backdrop. The timber frame barn soars to the roof like a cathedral. The young couple planned a fun wedding with lots of music, dancing, great food, and good memories. We enjoyed spending the day with our family in this happy setting.

     When we learned of the wedding plans last year we decided to find a house to rent for the week and make a vacation out of the trip. We found a lovely house on Lake George in Bolton Landing. W shared the week with my sister and brother-in-law. The water in Lake George this time of the year is a chilling fifty-four degrees. It was difficult to get in and swim but we had loads of fun nevertheless. My sister and I laugh a lot when we are together. She is a jokester and I enjoy making her laugh. We spent the week mostly just sitting on the dock watching the changing moods of the mountains and lake. We ate dinners out, took a few lake tours in my brother-in-law's boat, spent some time on an island, played games,browsed the little shops in Bolton Landing, and visited the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake. It was pure relaxation which was exactly what Steve needed from his overly busy work schedule. 

     We decided to rent the house again next year. With the same families returning for "their week" year after year, available weeks rarely become available. So we decided to keep our spot rather than lose it. I am already looking forward to going back. I doubt we'll see another rainbow off the dock like the one we saw below, but we took it as a sign that we should return.