Friday, March 16, 2012

Thanks Mom, Dessert, Face Lift

1. I thanked my mom for birthing me all those years ago. I listen again, to the story of how I was born during a blizzard. We chuckle and ponder what the meaning behind that might be. She is almost 90 and I am 53. But in my mind, she is always my strong and vibrant mother and I am still her headstrong little girl.
2. I made a delicious strawberry rhubarb cobbler before I even thought about dinner. I figured if dinner didn't get made, we would at least have the cobbler and I would be happy with that alone.
3. Kneeling and sitting on the ground, I snap off dead stalks and winter worn leaves in one of the perennial beds. New growth now appears and the bed looks fresh and promising rather than dead and forlorn.
4. He remembered. I wondered if he would and wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't. But he did. And now I am surprised.


  1. I love reading about you and your mom. I miss mine.

    He did good.

  2. Leonora, your mother is 90 and you are 53. And I thought I was an older mother. Then I realized that when my daughter is 53, I, too, will be 90!--should I be so lucky to still be here.

    The other day, Lu and I were discussing how when she graduates from college I will be 60 (and I was hoping to be lucky enough to make it to 60!). I'd better keep walking. A lot. ;)

    Well, the blizzard may explain the headstrong daughter. Happy (belated) birthday! ;)