Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The sun on my face, In a little brown jug, You mean butter isn't a side dish?

1. I didn't realize how beautiful the day was until I poked my head out the door. My plan was to stay holed up and do laundry, ironing, wash floors, etc. But once I felt the warmth of that sun, I abandoned the work pile and went for a walk. Except for my companion, Henri, and the lone blue jay we spotted, it was solitude.
2. Rose hips picked by the roadside look pretty on the windowsill over the kitchen sink.
3. I brought a jug of maple syrup home from NY which meant pancakes for supper! The simple goodness of fluffy pancakes, slathered in butter and dripping in pure maple syrup was very satisfying.


  1. It sounds like bliss to me. I love pancakes dripping in butter and maple syrup. sigh . . .

  2. Can you post a photo of the rose hips? I don't know what those look like.