Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I don't wanna grow up, One of my favorites!, Christmas Cheer

1. 'The Ladies' came for coffee this morning. When Steve got home from work, he noticed the silverware was out. "Did you have fun playing house?" he asked. (My family all knows that playing house was one of my favorite childhood games.) "Yes I did!" I answer.
2. I'm re-reading The Linnet's Tale  by Dale Willard in preparation for the sequel, Tottensea Landing. I love the playful wit and humor in this story and find myself smiling all the while that I'm reading. Anyone would love the portrayal of human character played out through these endearing little mice.
"Opportune Baggs The Inventor came into the Bookish Mouse wearing more plaids at the same time than he should have. He tended to accumulate plaids through the day...And though his plaids were separately attractive, taken altogether they appeared to be rather in dispute."
3. I'm much happier walking Henri after dark with the Christmas lights on at our house and the neighbor's.

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