Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunrise, Ladybug, Ladybug, Holly

1. Our sunrise was the deepest pink. Followed by lighter pinks, purple, orange and yellows. Such a sunrise just has to usher in a glorious day.
2. Cleaning and tying up loose ends in the garden feels good.
3. The ladybug invasion is significantly light this year. I can't describe how harassing these little beetles can be and anyone who has had them will know what I mean. So, when I have to vacuum them only once today, it is something to celebrate!
4. A gift of a holly bush was left in our driveway. (Ibex "Liberty" to be exact). I treasure each and every planting I can make on our property. Now, where to plant it...


  1. It was a lovely sunrise, wasn't it.

  2. How lovely! I adore Holly Bushes. I also adore ladybugs, but then again, they aren't creating a nuisance in my garden. I Might think differently if they were!!!

  3. No one understands the ladybugs until they live through the infestations we get down here. Some people get it worse than others. Thank God I am getting it much lighter this year too. But those stink bugs!