Sunday, October 9, 2016

Somebody Needs To Be First

     Earlier this week, autumn was off to a slow start. Our windows and doors were still open, crickets were chirping at night and everyone was still wearing sandals. Then I saw this lone maple leaf in the yard and I knew that fall was inevitably on its way. 
    As the week drew to a close, Hurricane Matthew blew in we prayed for those souls caught in its midst. I thought about the thousands of people in Haiti who already had nothing after the devastating earthquake six years ago. All they had were tent homes and now they've lost even those. How does one who has nothing lose more than nothing? And yet, they have. 
     I was on duty to feed Neighbor W.'s animals this weekend, of all weekends, in two inches of rain. It turned out not to be too bad because the temperatures were mild and the animals were gentle. I enjoyed walking across the field in the rain and slopping in the muck. I had to try very hard not to slip and fall into it but, there is such an earthiness about the animals and the muck that it calms me and makes me happy. The grass and hay and animals all smelled very good. (except for the duck house which smells very bad) They are all so happy to have their hay and grain. On Saturday night, Steve and I went out on a date so, we had to stop to tuck in the chickens and ducks on our way back home. We used our headlights to see what we were doing. It had just finished raining and the grasses were sparkling in the headlights. It was the prettiest thing! Yes, most of the time it's these little things that amuse and amaze me to no end.

     W. told me that a duck was sitting on a nest somewhere in the sheep's pen, but he didn't say where. I was surprised that I found it without really trying. Have a look at the sheep's feeding trough in the photo below from Sunday morning. Under the end closest to us is her nest and there she sits. All the other ducks were scampering about, enjoying the rain and consequently the sun but, nature has bound this mother to her nest and the nurturing of her eggs. I hope she is greatly rewarded with some adorable baby ducks. It will be a treat for all of us to see in the days to come.  

     When the feeding was completed on Sunday morning, I couldn't resist a walk up the hill. After two days of rain, the sun was brilliant and a stiff breeze was blowing. I stopped to photograph the sheep and caught a very long morning shadow of myself.  I was sorry I couldn't stay longer.  If I had a thermos of coffee, I could have sat there for an hour or more. 

Heading home...


  1. It's the little things. A leaf, a momma duck, glistening rain... Appreciation for it all!
    But what really caught my eye is the clever design of the sheep's hay feeder. Hope W won't mind me adapting that idea here at my place :)

    1. It seems to work very well! He puts the grain in the trough and then the hay in the rack. After the sheep eat the grain, the hay is right there at the ready.

  2. A lovely end to your date! And I love that you saw the sparkling grass and shared with us. It is the little things...

    It's still so beautiful and green there - we are definitely getting some fall leaves falling - not so much color as just brown leaves. Must be a result of the extra hot summer.

  3. The farmland in your area looks so beautiful and serene - I love the mountains in the background! It will be fun to watch the mama duck with her little ducklings. I ran across a couple photos of Maggie and Chelsea over the weekend. I got it in my mind to sort through all the photos and create a photobook for her for Christmas. It's turning into a fun project.

  4. What a beautiful post. If I had had coffee I could have sat there with you. I love the lone leaf and have wondered about the folks in Haiti too. Makes me think when we get rain here. Nice of you to watch your neighbors place...
    I'm at the stage where I would rather take care of animals than have them. Especially during the winter! And yes, spider webs can be very creepy!