Saturday, August 27, 2016

Looking (and Listening) Back, The Little Mister, On Rugs

     Now that I'm driving out every morning, I like to have music in the car for my commute. I recalled having saved a lot of my favorite music in blog posts over the years, so I took the time this morning to scroll through my blog and save all those music videos to convert to MP3 for the car. Steve showed me how to do it and I was clicking along until... I began seeing all the photographs and posts of my every day life for the past seven years. There was Tess' seventeenth birthday! There was Jack as a baby! There was our home in buried in snow! There was my family all goofing around together! There was Audrey laughing so hard she could hardly stand! Unbidden emotions began to overwhelm my senses in such a rush as I realized how full and rich my ordinary life is. The abundance overwhelmed me.

    I think everyone should journal in order to have the opportunity to look back see their life condensed in print. It is amazing. Even the sad and painful chapters fall into their rightful places and weave a breathtaking, stunningly beautiful life. When I look at my life in a day to day context, it is humdrum and ordinary. But, when I step back and look at a whole section, It is fully sweet and abundant.
     On an ordinary note, Henri believes every rug I hook is for him. We found him on the pillow this morning. He is growing old, my little man. He deserves a little luxury. Also pictured below is the finished basket weave patterned rug. He lies on that, too. : )


  1. Ordinary is the root of extraordinary!

  2. It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life - Bilbo Baggins

  3. I've always thought you had such a beautiful life - how lovely that it popped up for you like that.