Thursday, September 1, 2016

Still Looking Good

     There is no way it is Thursday already. Can it really be September?! If it means saying goodbye to this long suffering heat and humidity, then I am all on board for that. We shall see...
     The zinnias are still looking good after everything else in the garden has died. We do have one other plant that thrives and that is the Cushaw melon. (Did I spell that right?) I don't have time to link it right now, but I will investigate further and report back later. Folks tell me to use it as one would use a pumpkin. Supposedly there's a shortage of pumpkin this year. I haven't looked for any in the stores so, by reporting the rumored shortage here on my blog, I am contributing to the frenzy of The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2016.
   I have run out of morning time for now, but I'll share more of the week later.


  1. Someone brought me zinnias today....we have plenty of autumn joy sedum.....just starting to turn pink. Wish I could add a picture. Love your picture.

  2. Your zinnias are a colorful grouping of what looks like fall colors to me, Lenora. Sorry to read that the pumpkins did not survive and what will Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang do if there is a shortage?

  3. Your zinnias are gorgeous! I like how you have them arranged.

    I did a drive through of the mountain Saturday morning farmers' market on Saturday and I think I spotted pumpkins in the back of a truck. I wonder if they know how valuable they are?