Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Extremes on the Road, Crossing the Road, A New Path

1. A big, old, beat-up Cadillac drives by as I wait to pull out onto a country road. The only occupant is the driver, a scowling old lady with long, gray hair and a chubby cigar gripped between her lips.
2. The Wooly Bears are on the move. I've never seen this many Wooly Bears! I know the weather prediction tale is just that, one of folklore. But what does it mean when there are so many? The Isabella moths must have been prolific this summer.
3. There are two students waiting in the hall to be disciplined by the principal. I tease and tell them I want to get in line first.
3a. I feel humbled and honored that two different principals want me for their schools. These are small positions and not a big deal, but still... All I can do is shake my head in disbelief that at my age one can embark on something new.
4. Audrey had a couple of hours free and spent it visiting with me : ).
5. Tess dressed like a nerd today. So did everyone at the school. That must have been a sight to see.


  1. They know a good gal when they see one! Congratulations - I think that's a perfect position for you - the kids already love you (no matter which school you go to.)

  2. I see a big old caddy in your future!

  3. do you mean the wooly caterpillars? We have an over abundance here this year too. Always enjoy my visits to your blog, new to me.