Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend in a Nutshell

1. I rolled the last coat of glossy enamel paint onto the porch ceiling. In the background, the new Bischoff CD played on the big stereo speakers. Earlier today, I dragged the hose through the house and onto the porch to give it the annual scrubbing. We're now ready to use the porch for the summer!
2. The Buchanan fairground was filled with people on Friday night for the "Relay for Life" cancer fundraiser. People set up booths for their teams and team members walked a circular track to raise money. The event lasted all through the night. Luminaries inscribed with the names of people who battled, or are battling cancer lined the perimeter of the track. It was hard not to get choked up walking past those hundreds of luminaries. Part of the entertainment for the evening featured Tess and her friend Hannah singing with Hannah's family's bluegrass band. Tess and Hannah harmonized beautifully. Tess was smiling and really having fun up there on the stage.
3. Seven-thirty a.m. on Saturday morning:  B. picked me up for a trip to the Covington amphitheater "Trash to Treasure" flea market. We had big expectations. After weeks of anticipating some good deals, we were sorely disappointed. So, B. pointed the van in the direction of Lewisburg, West Virginia and we redeemed the morning with good things. We lunched on healthy veggie wraps and iced coffee at a nice cafe. Then we browsed shops, antiques, and a health foods store where we found some great herbs and grains being sold in bulk.
3. Daughter #1 is here with her family! Mari and I spent the afternoon together while everyone else was busy. We both enjoyed our one-on-one time together.

Mari put a whole marshmallow into her mouth.

Jack is 6 months old and sitting up now.

4. I ate my first grilled hamburger of the season at our church picnic lunch. It was delicious as only a first can be.
5. At the end of Sunday, when everyone was gone and the sky still hung heavy with clouds and mist, I made my way to the garden and worked away three hours. Although it was soaking wet, the weeds pulled right up and the mist kept all the gnats away. I've been unable to find Creeping Germander at any of our local nurseries and I had my heart set on using it for a particular garden bed. B. encouraged me to separate and use what I already have growing. I hadn't wanted to disturb the pretty, established mounds but, I liked the idea of filling a garden bed for "free". Then, I discovered another area of Germander I have growing out back, so my supply is even better than I realized. I'm in business!


  1. We also have Relay for Life events here, but the luminary walk is in late fall as i recall. And they are very moving events. Too bad the Trash to Treasures event was a bust, but the day was saved with your outing. The grandkids are cute and growing quickly, same with ours.

  2. ah, don't you just love sitting on a freshly painted porch, me too

  3. I love my porch time, I guess all of us Southerners do! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Come check out Sunshine Pen Pals and join the fun!