Saturday, May 4, 2013

In the Garden, with Chores, and Butterflies

1. I've had two Saturdays in a row to work in the garden! It felt good to get caught up on garden chores I would normally have done way back in March. As I worked, I tried to think of a good name for this bed. I've always called it, The Step Bed, but I don't like that name. It's a mish-mash of flowers that I've planted it without rhyme or reason so, I think The Crazy Quilt might be better suited.
It took all morning to clean up this perennial bed. I also had a few Beebalm and Daisies to transplant here from the vegetable garden. I still need to trim the grass and plant the pot..another day. The Dogwood on the right has more of the Ajuga under it that I planted last week.
2. I also got a huge stack of ironing done and I washed the bathroom floor. I realize these are not beautiful things, but they've been hanging over me like a gray cloud and it felt really good to get them done, done, done. That's a beautiful thing!
3. Tess and I sat on the patio to enjoy the sun and we noticed many butterflies all over the place. I brought her camera out and followed them around, snapping photos and enjoying their movements for quite some time.

This one liked the mud.

This was more the color of a moth, but the antennae looked like a butterfly's.

A Praying Mantis egg case in the lavender. Good for the garden, but watch out hummingbirds. They will eat you.


  1. Wow, that step bed is really cool! You are making those hills of Virginia work for you!

    I didn't know praying mantises would eat a hummingbird! A BUG eating a BIRD?!

    1. I saw it with my own eyes! A praying mantis on my trumpet vine had a hummingbird by the neck, dead. It was disturbing. Perhaps the mantis mistook the little bird for a bug?