Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Boy, Big Boy, Just the Ladies

1. The voice mail has me perplexed for a moment. Then it becomes clear; it's baby Jack laughing! I save it so I can listen to it again, whenever I like.
2. Southern States was humming with plant buyers this afternoon. It's a different crowd than Lowes or Home Depot. These customers are overalled farmers, of retired age, browsing with their wives. In my opinion, they are the experts and I ask them questions about which tomato plant they prefer and when will they plant?
3. The Ladies haven't gotten together in ages! Tonight we all went out for dinner, purposely choosing a place that wasn't too noisy or crowded so we could have a good, long visit over our meal. We lingered so long after paying our bill that we ended up starting over and ordering desserts. All of us have been carrying extra responsibilities and this evening was a balm to our hectic lives.

*I still see two tomato varieties that my dad always planted. "Big Boy" is a variety that first appeared in Burpee's catalog in 1949 and "Supersonic" is another hybrid that's been around since 1968. Both are excellent, large, slicing varieties. For sentimental reasons, I always try to buy at least one or two of what my dad grew. But do your homework, they may not produce well in all areas.

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  1. My dad always planted Big Boy tomatoes, too. Yum.

    Your dinner sounds lovely! And there's nothing better than the sound of a baby laughing.