Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Change in the Weather, A Light Bulb Moment, Red Winged Calls

1. A summer-like morning with windows opened starts the day with scents of sweet grass and soft air.
2. I've been assigned to help fourth grade students with math.The irony of this makes me laugh. I abhorred fourth grade and my teacher, Mrs. McKay who ridiculed me and my inability to memorize the multiplication tables. Today, a little girl hugged me after I help her understand her fractions. It's finally all come around right.
3.The Red-Winged Blackbirds are enjoying the tall grass in the field this year. I hear their calls whenever I'm outside. We haven't put horses in that field yet which is why the grass is so tall and I think the birds enjoy that habitat. I hope they'll stay after the horses arrive on Sunday.

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  1. Yes, I bet the birds are loving the tall grass. We are surrounded in nothing but tall grass on this hill. There are TONS of bunny rabbits and TONS of birds.