Friday, August 3, 2012

Marian, Joy of My Heart

1. Her choice of attire: a dress with a watermelon swimsuit worn underneath, a dozen bracelets on her arms and ankles, some necklaces, and pink sparkly sunglasses that stay on even when she's inside.
2. Aunt Chelsea has taught her to fist bump and say "What's up dog." Later she walks up to Henri (the dog) puts her fist gently to his head and says, "What's up dog".
3. She's crying and sobbing in her crib, not wanting to go to bed. Her mom has picked her up once and the tears were immediately turned off. Now her mom is firm and says it's time for bed. After a few minutes, when the sobbing has turned to hiccups, I plead my case to her mother and she relents,  allowing me to go in and pick her up. I practically run. Nonni to the rescue!


  1. Leonora, there is nothing like being a grandmother is there? Love it. xxoo

  2. We have a wee one on the way, too - I'll be a two-time great aunt now. I love hearing your grandchild stories.