Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cookie Cutters, Moonrise, Gravity and Birds

1. I rummaged through my collection to find just the right shapes for today. I chose a leaf for the green leaves of summer, a flower for the color in our summer gardens, a moon for the light and company it gives us on warm summer evenings, and a circle to represent the cycle of the seasons.

2. The sunset cast a pink glow on the clouds in the east. The moonrise above it makes the scene look like a magical island floating in the distance.
3. Little gray birds jump up and down trying to reach the seeds on the drooping heads of dill.


  1. great choices and i just love those old timey cookie cutters. i have a bunch of the old christmas ones! beautiful sunset too! it's so nice to meet another botetourt blogger :)

  2. All three are lovely - I love the thought behind the cookie cutter shapes.

    And that photo of the sky is gorgeous.