Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bees, Moonrise Kingdom, Pinch Me, Lemon Meringue Pie

We follow the beekeeper through shady woods to the fallen tree.

Felled by the storm, he examines the open trunk and beehive within.

Animals have come and robbed the hive, cleaning out the entire area on the right. Only robber bees are left, taking whatever honey they can steal for their own hives.
1. We felt like storm chasers searching for bees instead. Bee Chasers! Excited at the thought of finding a swarm of bees and watching it be caught. Even though it turned out that the hive was robbed and gone, it was still great fun.
2. Moonrise Kingdom is a wonderfully creative, quirky movie. I'm still mulling it over the next day.
3. We walked straight into a piece of Americana. The little mountain town of Buchanan contains a Main Street (so-named), no traffic light, a soda fountain, library, antique shops, an old movie theater and homes with porches lining the sidewalk. Tonight, the American flag fluttered from many of those porches and the town was overflowing with families out for the carnival that was set up down near the river. We were there to pick up Daughter #4 and happened to catch the fireworks display as we arrived. We strolled a few more blocks and took in the carnival atmosphere. The sights and sounds at every turn were surreal and I laughed at the reality of it. It looked more like a movie set.

 4. Sweet dew drops weep onto the surface of Lemon Meringue Pie. I lick them from my slice with the tip of my tongue.

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  1. All delightful things! A wonderful 4th - an adventure in bees and a pie to salivate over.