Thursday, July 5, 2012

Muslin in My Pocket, Doing Our Parts, Show Me Your Moves

1. My friend B. gave me lovely gifts from her trip to Vermont. Maple syrup in a leaf shaped bottle that's as pretty as a perfume bottle, a little sparrow on wire feet, and a wonderful bar of goat's milk soap scented with spruce/orange. I've opened the soap right away because it smells so good. The muslin wrapper smells too good to discard, so I save that to carry and sniff. (That sounds like an addiction.) Her daughter gave me a jelly jar filled with golden colored, local honey. It's nice to start the day receiving gifts even when it's not my birthday or anything.
2. Steve works much harder on the yard than I do this evening. I like it when we are outside together working on a common goal, so I've changed into work clothes and found some chores to do. I've gone and cut down the Shasta daisies. I debated doing it for a few days and finally just did it. They were too long and scraggly looking and I couldn't bear them any longer. Now I feel much better that the evil deed is done.
3. Daughter #3 does kickboxing and I think she is dangerous... in a good way.
4. I have a favorite apron and I wore it today.


  1. I enjoyed reading your last few posts. You're always so pleasant and poetic.

  2. You must be very special to B. and her daughter to receive special presents like that.