Thursday, June 7, 2012

There He Goes!, Bull's Eye, Meat and Potatoes

1. Three children chase the tiny, white puppy around a bush. A little girl snatches him up just before he runs into the road. Oh! There goes a chipmunk, scurrying to safety. That explains it.
♪ All around the mulberry bush, the puppy chased the chipmunk...♪
2. I went to Target with Daughters 3 and 4. They're renovating the store which made it more interesting to poke around. (It's all the same stuff, put into new places.) We laughed at some of the funny greeting cards and purchased a few that were too funny to pass up.
3. A college friend of D#3 has come to visit. She's very thankful for the meal we prepared since she's been on her own, eating mostly pasta and sandwiches.


  1. There were two women in the park yesterday afternoon, with two large labs and a lab puppy. It was so cute to watch the larger dogs running around with sticks and the puppy chasing after them. You made me remember with your lovely puppy story.

  2. Sounds so cute! I love puppies. I also love meat and potatoes! xxoo