Saturday, March 17, 2012

The View, A Surprise, Cauliflower Gratin?

1. Up on the hill, he stopped working to watch the clouds for a few minutes. They were pretty today, so we decided to return to the hill this evening with a blanket and bottle of wine.
2. While I was reading the front of the birthday card, a piece of paper slipped out from inside. It's an ultrasound scan? I opened the card to see what this is about. Oh! We're going to be grandparents again!
3. I cooked many things to day, but my favorite was this Cauliflower Gratin. I have a thing for crunchy breadcrumb toppings.


  1. grandparents again!!! what a b'day present, n'est-ce pas?

  2. Wonderful news! Congratulations on another grand baby!

  3. Congrats on another grandchild! I love anything with a crunchy topping. It's one of my weaknesses.