Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soothing Rain, Ready for Bare Feet, Good Read!

1. Saturday dawns with gentle rain and faint rumblings of thunder. It's a welcome change from the building heat of Friday.
2. I use the hose to wash away winter's sleep from the screen porch. I adjust the nozzle to a strong spray and channel sheets of water across the floor.  Once everything is back in place, the Boston Fern is set in a shady corner as the final touch.
3. I finished reading 11/23/60 by Stephen King. It's a hefty 849 pages, but never boring for a moment. The main character, Jake, is led to a time portal hidden in the back of the local diner. He steps back in time to the late 1950's with the intent of stopping the JFK assassination which he believes will then prevent the domino effect of other painful events in our country's history. The problem is, time resists change and Jake finds his task much harder than he imagined. He also needs to worry about the "butterfly effect" and how even the tiniest change might adversely affect all of history. I highly recommend this entertaining story.

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