Monday, January 2, 2012

What to do, Looking out, A gift from W. & K.

1. Wandering about the house in a state of flux. Not quite sure what to do with the day, but too tired to do anything much. I sit by the wood stove and stare into the fire. I found it. This is what I aspire to today and it is good.
2. Winter has followed us home. Blustery snow squalls fill the sky and there are finally white patches on the ground. A good chunk of the day is spent reading by the window.
3. We have a few visitors today, just enough to make me feel connected to the world. Our neighbor comes in to give us citrus fruit he's brought back from Florida. I huddle a grapefruit to my nose and breath in its wonderful scent.
3.a. Daughters spot the bowl of citrus on the counter and exclaim over its contents. Daughter 3 bags one for her work lunch tomorrow and Daughter 4 eats one immediately.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't January 2 for gazing at fires? Seems it was all I could do yesterday. Well, that and taking down the tree.

    Oh, I can smell those fruits. Smart daughters to grab them while they can!

    Happy New Year, Leonora. :)