Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh! Thank you!, Harmonies, We are a funny lot

1. I stepped out the door into the dark morning and a little snowflake surprised me with a kiss to my lip.
2. The Christmas songs were especially nice at church this morning.
3. There was not a dry eye in the room from all the laughter, ladies all fanning themselves with paper after the hysterical heat wave. It was the result of a fun, funny game using only paper and pencil... and a bit of imagination.


  1. My niece Becky used to stay with me for the few days leading up to Thanksgiving when she was in college. We watched Mary Poppins one morning and laughed and laughed along with that laughing scene. :)

    I would like to know what that game is!

  2. That last one made me smile. Love that song and that movie! How neat about your father being a paratrooper! I bet he had some amazing experiences. :)