Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jewels in a jar, Excitement is an understatement, A gift

1. "Necessity is the mother of all invention", so the saying goes. Necessity is also what causes one to preserve pears when the they are needed for a recipe and the stores have none. I didn't mind...they look so beautiful in their jars with the light streaming through. They will top this savory Roquefort Cheesecake.
2. The teacher tells all forty five students that there is a gift for each of them under the tree. Can you imagine the scramble?!
3. I think how beautiful she is as she plays the piano.


  1. Lovely as usual, I've missed your page.

  2. Beautiful jewels! Necessity is always the mother of invention! xxoo

  3. Those jars of pears are just like beautiful jewels, as you say. My grandmother used to make pear preserves and pear relish from the pears that grew on trees in her back yard. I love pear relish especially.