Friday, November 18, 2011

Where I spend a LOT of time- Bead board project is finished!

Problem: The laminate back splash  was soaking up water. It had begun to come apart and the wall behind it was getting wet and moldy. I would like to replace the entire counter top with granite, but it is out of our budget right now. We had to do something, so...

 Solution: Steve tore off the back splash. He repaired the wall and rather than simply paint it, we opted for bead board. We added a baseboard and trim, caulked the bottom so it wouldn't seep in water any more, then primed, painted and sealed it all with Verathane. For about $100 we solved the problem and bought some time before we have to replace the counter top.
After: The hardest part (other than filling in staple gun holes) was cleaning the kitchen for the after photos.

A cookie for you Debbie : )


  1. It's gorgeous Leonora! I love it. Well done to your hubbie! xxoo

  2. And it looks great! Just lovely.

  3. Oh, it looks fantastic, Leonora! I love bead board. My dad used to work with it a lot.

    We have a newer home (with, unfortunately not quite enough architectural interest or charm), so when we finished the basement we added bead board to the walls. It's the first time I've ever enjoyed being in a basement! :)

  4. LOVE the bead board. We did the same thing to our kitchen in Georgia and I loved it! I especially like the base trim you used rather than the quarter round that we used. Congrats on finishing the project!