Saturday, November 19, 2011

A proud son, Carnitas, muffins and tarts, Companionship

1. A spiffy, red pick-up truck with highly polished chrome stands out on the crowded highway. The rear window proudly reads, "In Memory of MOM 1939-2008". She must have been a very special lady.
2. I had time to play in the kitchen today. Two recipes I recommend: Pork Carnitas and these Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins.
3. Steve and I ran morning errands together- landfill, post office, nothing spectacular. But it was nice doing it together.


  1. Pumpkin muffins sounds amazing! Number 1 is beautiful.

  2. Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins - yum. And love the sign on that pickup truck.

  3. My husband and I haven' run errands together in years. (We're usually running the kids around in separate cars.) You make it sound so romantic, though, I feel like i should get out to Home Depot today with hubby! ;)

    (Pumpkin anything.... mmmm!)

  4. Loved your kitchen project. Looks great! The muffins look great, too!

  5. What great looking muffins. I love doughnut muffins and am sure I could quite easily love those too! Happy Thanksgiving week to you! xxoo