Saturday, November 12, 2011

In honor, Some can take a while, Dating for convenience

1. Thinking of my dad today and how proud he was of our country. He always had to go to work on Veteran's Day while we kids got the day off from school. I always thought that was unfair. If I were President (ha,ha) I would pass a law that all veterans get Veterans Day off from work.
2. A daughter has been cooking more than a bit and talking to me a lot. This is quite out of character, unusual and puzzling... in a good way.
3. It was too far to drive back and forth home after giving Daughter #4 her ride, so we stayed out and had a date.


  1. They have must have changed #1. In the Army, we always got a 4 day weekend over Veterans Day weekend! :)

  2. You make me wish (again) that I had children. Having a date with a daughter sounds lovely and the cooking daughter time sounds lovely, too.

    I like the rakish angle your dad's cap is at. :) My dad was a sailor - I should have posted his picture.