Friday, May 20, 2011

In the furrow, Loaded with flavor, Laughter

1. A morning of solitude in the garden. I've been waiting all week for the rain to stop so I could finish planting the vegetable garden. Green beans and zinnias are finally in.
2. I made Karen's recipe for Scalloped Tomatoes. Even with store-bought tomatoes it was fantastic and a big hit with everyone at our place tonight.
3. New York family arrives for a short visit. When you see family so rarely, every visit becomes a celebration. The house and yard are bustling with activity, from food to games and plenty of visiting in between.


  1. a morning of solitude followed by a celebration
    sounds like a fabulous day!

  2. Hi Leonora- I'm catching up! Hope you had a wonderful family gathering, and that the veggies are starting to sprout. I'm going to have to print out that Scalloped Tomatoes recipe, it looks delicious!