Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Counting rivers, Another old place, A lot of littles, Not alone

St. Charles, MO
*A Robin plays in the rain

1. I set my toes on the bank of the Missouri River today.
2. The quaint, cobble stoned town of St. Charles, Missouri. Visited by Lewis and Clark, strolled by me.
3. Each place is set with a miniature chocolate Bundt cake, dripping with chocolate icing. I scan across the ballroom and realize they baked one thousand of these. Hats off to the bakers!
4. The relief and gladness I feel when Steve comes to the room and I'm not alone during the tornado sirens. A funnel cloud is reported over the city so we join humanity down in the lobby to wait it out. Everyone else is going about their business like nothing abnormal is going on. I suppose this too should make me feel better.


  1. Oh how scary about the tornado warming.
    Yikes! Glad you were safe. Love the sound of those chocolate cakes. My favourite and not something I get very often! I, too, love to visit historical sites. I always like thinking about the feet that have trod there before me. xxoo

  2. Marie- I've often had the feet thought too!!

  3. Leonora- tornado or not, I am definitely adding this of Missouri to my bucket list. Glad you are safe--Mother Nature has been pretty scary and unpredictable lately!