Friday, July 5, 2024

Thoughts on June


June left behind a mixture of emotions this year. While nature gave us beautiful blooms and dramatic landscapes, our church had to say goodbye to our beloved priest, Father Paul Logco. After one short year with us, his bishop called him back to the Phillipines. Father Paul is a kind and gentle shepherd, one of the kindest people I have ever met. He loved his congregation and we all loved him in return.

Although we were heartbroken with his leaving, it was important for us to send him off properly. We arranged a dinner and party with one hundred and seventy people attending. Father played the guitar and sang for us after which he received a standing ovation. He received another standing ovation after serving his last Mass with us. Many people cried openly as they hugged and said goodbye. 

Last summer, when Father Paul had first arrived, we invited him to our home for dinner. During that evening I asked him what made him decide to become a priest. He said that when he was young, he saw the love that a priest had for his people and the love he received in return. He wanted to know that kind of love. He certainly achieved that goal in our church. 

Father Paul was very sad as we said our last goodbyes. He said it was so hard to leave his beloved people. I know God has special plans for him. He stands out among all the pastors I have known throughout my lifetime. His heart is sincere and kind and loving. His teaching of Scripture is clear and true, and he is humble. In this world, we can all do with such an example in our lives.

 We miss you dearly, Father Paul.

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  1. Father Paul sounds like a wonderful priest. May he be welcomed at his next assignment like he was welcomed at yours. Praying you find another "Fr. Paul" to serve your congregation.