Saturday, July 29, 2023

Summer Favorites


     I struggle with the joys and pitfalls of summer gardening. As the summer heat builds, the garden becomes less joy and more burden for me. But, it only takes the first tomato pie of the season to brighten my spirits and make that whole garden worth the trouble. A tomato pie may not be to everyone's taste. I think it's the best thing ever and it is, by far, my favorite summer dish. I feel a special bond with my friend, Eleanor, when we can gush about our love for tomato pie together. I also recall our daughter, Chelsea, making a delicious tomato pie for us when we were visiting her family in New Hampshire. Now that's spreading the love!

     Thin slices of tomatoes are layered with sauteed onions and fresh herbs on a pie crust. A mixture of cheeses and mayonnaise are dolloped on the top to melt and brown as the pie bakes. My favorite recipe for tomato pie is from Southern Living Magazine and can be found here: Old Fashioned Tomato Pie 

     Another summer favorite of mine is this Fresh Fruit Trifle.  It is super easy to make because it uses a Sara Lee frozen pound cake. It presents beautifully if you have a trifle bowl. I make this multiple times throughout the summer whenever we have guests and it's too hot to bake dessert. It's also wonderful as leftovers for breakfast. ; )



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