Monday, July 2, 2012


 Power was restored last night. We only had two days and two nights without, which really wasn't so awful. We had a plan in place for the week of how we would handle the heat, meals, laundry, etc. but now we don't need it. The challenge was a diversion from the everyday routine and we were ready to meet it head-on. (Besides, what else can one do?) Our saving grace was the fact that we have a generator. This is an absolute necessity if you live anywhere that power goes out as it does here. It's a small generator and only can serve the essentials, but in a crisis, it all boils down to the essentials anyway.

1. Watered the garden with ice cold water flowing from the hose. It's easy to become a child again when you're hot and miserable and you're holding a hose with icy well water. : )
2. We carried a portion of dinner ingredients to Daughter #2's apartment. She completed the meal with items from her place and we ate the shared meal in wonderful air conditioning.
3. That moment of hesitation when I realized the power was on, but I wasn't sure I wanted it back just yet. I mostly wanted to leave the windows open to the night again.


  1. love sleeping with open windows! our friends sleep out on their deck most of the year, unless there's a snow storm!

  2. I'm glad you got your power back, but it sounds as if you made the outage sort of an adventure.

  3. Glad your power is back. You're right, a generator is priceless out here.

  4. You weren't sure if you wanted it back on yet. That is very interesting. And neat that you noticed the fleeting feeling.