Monday, March 5, 2012

Poor Man's Fertilizer, Run Like the Wind, Giggles

A shed with an old well pump on the right.

My favorite color sky.

Spring peeks through.

1. Snow day and the world displays my favorite colors. My dad called late season snow white fertilizer. I've also heard it called poor man's fertilizer.
2. The wind kicks up which prompts SeƱorita to gallop around the field, her tail held high and her mane flying.
3. Still trying to figure out why I get such a kick out of hearing the men crack up on pool night. They get so  raucous and are even prone to laughing fits. I suspect it's because I've grown up in all women households and have one of my own, plus Steve is normally a solitary kind of guy.   Either way, it's a wonderful sound to hear men who work so hard all week relaxing and having a good time.


  1. That photo on top should be framed! Just gorgeous.

    And the sound of laughter is always lovely.

  2. Beautiful, haunting photos, Leonora. I think you got more snow than we did! So beautiful. Can picture that horse prancing in the glorious white fertilizer. ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures and thoughts Leonora. I love to hear people enjoying themselves too. It is like sunshine to the soul. xxoo