Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Take two, A favorite shop, The elves don't have the technology

1. This is the photo I didn't use on our Christmas card thanks to the Mr.
He's pinching me!
2. I can't say where I shopped today because of who might read this, but I enjoyed going there. Ho,ho,ho!
3. Daughter #4 sat on my lap for a Santa talk. I tried to bounce her but she's about my size so she doesn't bounce any more. We had fun making up reasons why Santa can't give her the Mercedes.


  1. A Mercedes would be a *very* nice present from Santa.

  2. #3 made me immediately think of the song "Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin. :) Lovely that you had that few moments with your "little" girl.

    What's wrong with that picture and why didn't you use it? I suspect the blame lies with the Mr., but I don't see anything wrong except a couple of smiles are missing. :)

  3. Oh, but what fun that there's a little secret in the photo! And a gorgeous photo, at that. :)