Monday, June 14, 2010

Gifts, Out in a flash, Refreshing lunch

1. Tess and I went birthday shopping for Claire. I love an excuse to buy gifts for my girls.
2. After reading the mail, I close my eyes and apparently fall asleep in an instant because when I open them, the clock has passed 20 minutes.
3. A plate of lettuce and two fresh peach halves, topped with creamy poppy seed dressing.


  1. I like buying gifts for my girls too. Both just had birthdays. The older one is into cupcakes lately and I bought her a whole cupcake themed present--a book about cupcakes, wire cupcake display stand, various sprinkles, mixes, doilies, baking tin for mini cupcakes, etc. The little one is into horses like me and THAT'S always fun.

  2. I love the cupcake theme! And so many great gifts to fit the theme. Yes, we have a horse girl, too. Never a question about what to give her : )