Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rock Gathering

1. We took all back roads to Blacksburg and even though the day was gray, the landscape was still beautiful. Miles away from our destination, we saw a smoke plume and Steve guessed it must be John burning the cedars. We followed the smoke and sure enough, there was John.
2. Our expedition was for rock gathering. Our source- an ancient pile dumped over decades of farming where the land "grew" the rocks up and out. I sit on the pile, scavenging the right shapes and sizes for our project while Steve hauls and loads. This cool, fall day is perfect for the work.
3. I smell the hint of smoke from down the mountain. Mixed with the autumn air and fallen leaves, perfect!
4. An old abandoned farmhouse stands guard facing the mountain. The windows are broken and the paint peeled, yet a tattered, red vinyl kitchen chair sits on the front porch as though someone is coming right back.


  1. I so love your number 3. That is one of my absolute favourite combinations! How wonderful!

  2. Love your image of the red vinyl chair.