Saturday, October 3, 2009

Music, Dance and Fun

1. Our Willow Tree Gala Contra Dance that we co-hosted with friends is a huge success. Spirits are high as dancers laugh and clap throughout the evening. There is a camaraderie with strangers of all nationalities and ages as our individual movements interweave to create pretty dance formations.
2. Violin and fiddle are my favorite instruments. The music is happy and light as the band and dance caller work expertly together for the first time! Our caller is dressed in French Colonial garb and adds the background history to each dance as he instructs. Allemande, promenade, shasay, and do sa do are given their French pronunciations.
3. Some of the guests do not speak English, but it makes no matter in the dance.
4. Tess wears a pretty lavender gown with ribbon in her hair. She is on her own with friends and I spot her on the dance floor having a great time.

* The link is an example of a contra dance in Vermont. Each region has it's own flavor of music and dance. But I thought this was a good example.

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