Friday, February 14, 2020

♪ ♪ Love, Love, Love ♪ ♪

     I'm thinking of the Beatles' song, "All You Need Is Love", this Valentine's Day.
It's been a joyful, love-filled week with news of the birth of our newest grandchild, Eliot. Our family members from New Hampshire to Colorado to Virginia have all been leaning in close to our phones to exchange news and to watch videos and photos of the new baby and proud big brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I certainly long to hold him and cover him in grandmotherly kisses. With seven hundred miles and winter between us, I am inpatient for a road trip.
     Here in Virginia, we've had the sixth rainiest February on record. Mild temperatures have buds and daffodils popping up too early. The migratory birds are returning to the fields. I know they are heading north and heralding spring as they fly in that direction. It's like watching a parade go by and you know that folks at the farther end are still in for the treat of it.
     Our youngest daughter is our unofficial family photographer. Several years ago, at a Thanksgiving gathering, she was prepping us all for a photo and right before she snapped the shutter she said, "OK, love each other!" Since then, that quote has been repeated many times over in our family. I think of it a lot these days. Love each other!



  1. Love is certainly felt through your words and photos.
    A beautiful new wee one to love on is a very good thing. Congratulations!

  2. It's been my joy to see your comments, Joan. I hope you are well.