Monday, January 27, 2020

The Longer I Stayed Away...

...the harder it was to return.

That was one huge hiccup in life these past six months.

     Ongoing vertigo issues prevented me from doing most of the things I enjoyed. One of the frustrating effects of the disorder was the inability to write anything more complex than a shopping list. It was/is very hard to form complex thoughts and then put them to paper. I'm not sure why this is but it's odd and quirky and very frustrating.
     This past week is the first time I feel almost "normal". What better place to try and get back into writing mode than here. After taking two months off in September and October from everything, I was able to slowly start getting back into life. The family all came here in November for their annual visit and it was a grand time. My sister and her family even came from New York and DC. Steve and I impulsively bought a go-cart at an estate sale just before everyone came. Young and old alike had a blast racing that thing around the fields. It was a bumpy, teeth knocking ride but I've not seen bigger smiles yet. We kept the bonfire burning, and prepared more food in two weeks than we've had since. Oh how I miss everyone when they are gone!
     After that visit, Christmas came and went quietly and now we are into mid-winter. This year winter is very mild but still dark and damp. I go around the house each late afternoon turning on lights and candle lights to make the dark corners cheery.
     I got back to my rug hooking just before Christmas. I am now home a lot more so I have been hooking a lot. I am pleased that I can enjoy my craft again and I am making up for lost time. So much so, that I opened an Etsy shop, CurlyWillowRugs. I named the shop after the curly willow tree growing in our front yard. The twists and turns of the loops in hooked rugs remind me of the way those curly branches grow on the tree. : ) My shelves of wool are like a full box of sharpened Crayola crayons and it's impossible not to create. My fellow hookers have been a great support and I love the women in our rug hooking group. Our monthly meetings remind me of an old fashioned quilting bee. We are now over thirty hookers strong and the talent within these women is amazing. I am also humbled by the grace, both physical and divine, that these women display. Not one of us is alone in our trials in life and some of these women are truly long suffering. Not only do we laugh and create together but we support one another in true, loving friendship. If anyone local would like to learn how to make hooked rugs, you are welcome at our monthly gatherings. Contact me for more information.
     Here are a few photos to capture the good memories of these past few months.

Tess, Audrey, Me, Claire, Chelsea. Chelsea's baby is due any day!

Steve and me and the lighting of the bonfire.
A rare photo with all the grandchildren on one chair. (Even in one state!)

Blue Ridge Ruggers during a lunch break

Some of our beautiful members


  1. So sorry about the vertigo. I hope it is in your past.
    Beautiful pic of you and your daughters.
    That is one heck of a bonfire!!!

  2. The longer I stay away, the harder it is for me as well. This lovely post may have inspired me to at least think about getting some thoughts and photos organized in my head.
    The only thing better than a group of inspiring women to give comfort and care, is family. It is indeed grand that you have both.