Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Beginnings of Summer

     Before being cast in Hitchcock's movie, "Vertigo", it was a busy start to the summer. Daughter #1 and her family are moving to Colorado tomorrow. I spent a few days with them in Raleigh where we had a chance to do some fun activities and just be together. A few days later, Claire brought two of the children here for three days and we squeezed in another visit while she also got to spend a little time with two of her sisters.
    Here are a few photos from BV (before vertigo): grandchildren, gardening, hooking. Today is the one week mark from hitting the floor and I am feeling much brighter and more hopeful. I went to the gym yesterday and rode the stationary cycle. I pedaled for thirty minutes, went 5.6 miles through the forests of Saxony, Germany (via the computer screen),  broke a sweat, and burned a whopping 107 calories. Sheesh! That's not even the equivalent of one little ice cream cone. Afterwards, I popped into a class to say hello to Daughter #3 where I saw weights and heard the words,  body pump. Part of me longingly wanted to stay and own that class. Baby steps, I told myself. And stop fearing the word, pump.

Daughters 1, 4, and 3 with three grandchildren and three cousins, plus Henri

The border is planted with lavender and yarrow. The deer won't touch it. (evil laugh)  We still surround the entire garden with electric wire during the growing season. The neighbor's boxer loves to bound through our yard and other dogs roam the neighborhood. I cringe at the thought of dog pee on the herbs, hence the electric fence for all four-legged creatures. We also have a resident rabbit family of six but they haven't damaged the plants yet. I do love to watch them play in the evenings.

The herb bed. Mint is planted in a sunken pot so it won't spread.
This sweet little rug is destined for the guest bedroom. I chose the color scheme particularly for that room. I just have the outer border to complete, then steaming and binding.


  1. Leonora,
    So very sorry to hear about your vertigo. What a lousy way to start retirement. I hope with each passing day you are doing better. When I retired, I started on the treadmill daily. I want to enjoy this for as long as I can in the best health possible. Do I enjoy it? He** no, but it is rare I miss a day.
    Your gardens are lovely. I live in the city and have a real problem with the deer munching in my flower beds. They especially love my hostas.
    BEAUTIFUL rug!

  2. Oh my.I do hope you bounce back quick. With that beautiful family to tend to and that lovely garden to gaze at, there has to be lots of motivation.