Sunday, April 1, 2018

Celebrating Christ's Resurrection!

     Easter holds a favorite place in my heart. I think it's because it remains largely unblemished by influences of commercialism for our family. There's not much hustle and bustle leading up to Easter. It's a contemplative time and I savor those opportunities to ponder the history of our faith. The culmination of our Easter celebration is attending church and sharing a traditional Easter meal with whatever family members are able to make it to Virginia. Steve and I went to see the Apostle Paul movie during the preceding week, which made it feel tied in to the holiday as well. I thought it was well acted and directed, especially by the actor who portrayed Paul.
    We filled baskets with goodies for the children and after our meal the children hunted for candy filled eggs. It was all very low-key and enjoyable for everyone.

 I had helpers in the kitchen this year. Matthew (who is three) dragged a stool over to the counter and watched the waffles being made on Saturday morning. He got to eat the first one.

Mari helped make fruit skewers. It was the perfect job for a seven year old. She did a beautiful job.

Jack hunts for eggs.

Violet's has eggs but she is most interested in the grass.

Mari entertains her cousin.