Friday, March 9, 2018

Another Year Older Much Too Quickly

     The daughters' birthdays are certainly rolling by. Chelsea celebrated her birthday in January and now Audrey's twenty-fifth was this week. The years go by so quickly!
     We started off the week by moving Claire and Chelsea's childhood bedroom set to Claire's house in Raleigh. It's an antique maple set that I inherited from my aunt and uncle back in the 1990's. The beds are designed with wooden slats that attach to the rails under the box springs. When we disassembled them last weekend, Steve noticed writing on the slats. It turned out to be scribbles and notes penciled by the girls. They listed the names of their best friends and play dates and other happy things that little girls like to document. They even dated their notes, 1994, 1995, etc. We need to downsize and we're happy to send this furniture to good use, but it was a little sad to know that we no longer need it here.
      Along notes of bittersweetness, Tess will drive back to college tomorrow after being home for spring break. It was so nice having her around. I enjoyed feeling her presence in the house. She baked a yummy birthday cake for Audrey on Tuesday and I cooked lunch and we girls had a mini party for Audrey with gifts and all. We played with Violet and made a great to do over every smile and noise that she made. I blew raspberries on violet's chubby baby thighs just like we did to Audrey when she was a baby.. and life came around full circle again. 
     This song strikes a chord with the thoughts of our little girls growing older and that long ago time when they were all still little.

     Steve snapped a picture of Tess and Ian and me just before dinner tonight. Even Henri is included. The poor little dog had a huge burr in his Schnoodle beard and I had to cut it out. I still need to trim the rest of it to blend it all in but, after drinking the wine I thought it best that the beard trimming wait until tomorrow. ; )

     I got to play with a lovely stash of wool that I was given by a lady downsizing into a retirement home. I washed and sorted it all and it's ready to hook or dye. I really need to get busy and put all this wool to use! I have so many ideas of what I would like to hook and so little time to do it! Like time, I will keep marching forward while still trying to embrace every moment.


  1. Oh, what sweet little baby cheeks!
    Great family pictures!!!
    Happy hooking with all the luscious wool.

  2. OMG! That song is such a tear jerker!

  3. Violet looks so much like Audrey - love their smiles. Happy birthday to her!

    Lovely post, my friend.