Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Week In the Life...

     It is much too early for this to be happening- flowers budding on the trees! The forsythia is doing the same along with the daffodils. In other signs of spring, I heard a redwing blackbird earlier this week. While my heart leaps at seeing and hearing all these signs of spring, it feels like winter came and went in the blink of an eye. We could still have a blizzard here but, how confusing would that be?! The real news today is the wind. March is roaring in like a lion for sure. I just received notice that schools in this and surrounding counties are closed on Friday due to widespread power outages.
     Today is another soggy day and perfect for reading a good book. I just finished a thick, 499-page book called "A Trip to the Stars" by Nicholas Christopher. It is lavishly descriptive with much more detail than I sometimes had the patience for. But it entertained me and I enjoyed the story. I'm now reading the second Maisie Dobbs book, "Birds of a Feather" by for lighter entertainment. I read in the bedroom in order to not distracy Steve while he worked from home today. I returned to the bedroom after doing a few chores and realized how cozy the corner spot is. There's a nice view out the window for daydreaming and I think a little pot of flowers on the side table would make it perfection. I'll have to start reading there more often.

     I finished my table rug. I call it, "My Spring Ditty". I bound the edges at our weekly hook-in at Eleanor's yesterday and it now sits on the trunk in the living room. On to my next project! (I still have to decide what that will be.) Georganna brought cupcakes from The Cupcake Cottage to our hook-in yesterday and we celebrated Eleanor's upcoming birthday. She will turn eighty-five years young! I can only hope to have Eleanor's health and lifestyle should I live to this wonderful age.

     Although the week has been routine, it hasn't been without its lighter moments, pleasant walks, and good conversations. William's chickens and ducks have been visiting our field and I love to watch them. If you ever need a chuckle, just watch ducks run. The kids at school also never fail to entertain. Yesterday was, "Wear a Mustache to School Day." Talk about funny little creatures. One boy had his eyebrows mustachioed as well as his upper lip. I spotted another little guy wearing his mustache down on his chin, like a beard. And then we have those parents who write funny things in the check-out log book where they sign their child out from school. One dad likes to write interesting reasons for checking his daughters out. He'll write reasons like, "World Domination" or "Solving the North Korean Issue". I wonder if he wonders if we really read the log book. We do.
     It's been a special week at school for, "Reading Across America". The librarian video recorded willing staff members reading a book. Teachers will use these videos later on in their classrooms. I read, "I Am a Wonder" and I chose a breathtaking panoramic photograph of the Milkway Galaxy as the background to go with my book. We recorded in front of a green screen and the backgrounds were added in afterward. By the way, if you have a chance to watch the movie, "Wonder" do so! It's a great family movie.
     I'll leave this post with one last bright spot of spring from the back steps.  They've been sitting there all winter and just started blooming again this week. : )


  1. Leonora,
    Your rug is too stinkin' cute ❤️
    Happy weekend,

  2. What a nice reading spot. I tend to listen to books rather than read so I can keep my hands free for knitting and am always on the lookout for good book recommendations.
    My plum tree is budding way too soon...we had a tree down across the drive way yesterday...and I had to chuckle at the sign out log entries. I wrote some crazy absence notes for my children back in the day figuring no one really read them and if they did, a little laugh would brighten anyone's day.
    Love the table rug. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  3. I love the parents have a sense of humor like that. Your rug is gorgeous!
    And I like your reading spot - I have a similar one in my bedroom, but my chair has an ottoman (which I love. Love to put my feet up.)

  4. It's wonderful to have such a cozy reading nook and I could just imagine sitting in the chair with a cozy blanket and cup of tea or hot cocoa nearby. We also had a stormy day last Friday, but thankfully no power outages. The sign-out reasons that dad writes were humorous indeed.