Sunday, January 7, 2018

Daughter #4 Goes Away to College

     I knew this time was coming months ago but, it didn't make the parting any less painful. Our last daughter has gone off to college. So, while I remind myself of all the positive things this represents, I can't help but cry (just a little) when I turn the porch light off at 6:00pm because there's no one to leave it on for. She's not coming home tonight.
     Our experience shows that once the daughters leave, they never truly come back home again. So, Steve and I are officially empty- nesters. I despise that phrase. I'm thinking of a phrase more like, "Now we are two..." We have begun dancing to records in the evening and we're having a goofy good time of it. Surely this is a sign that we'll be okay without any daughters in the house. Steve seems to be taking all of this much better than me. Typical.
     I'm counting the weeks until Spring Break.


  1. Somehow, Lee, I don't feel that you and Steve will be empty nesters for the long haul as your children and grandchildren will visit. And, as you said your youngest daughter will be home for spring break. Good for you two to find joy in spending time together. SOme people don't know how to do that.

  2. When my forth and final left for school, I was so discombobulated that we ended up putting that big ol suburban house on the market straight away. That eventually landed us here in the valley discovering that life as two is pretty special.
    Happy dancing!

  3. We've been "empty nesters" for a while, now. I can relate - but I do like how you are dancing to records. I agree, that surely is a sign that you'll be okay.

  4. Well dancing to records sounds fun. I am a single woman, so I remember when my mom and dad became empty nesters, so long ago - they always sounded as if they were having so much fun after we were all gone.