Friday, July 7, 2017

Favorite Places

 The coast of Maine. My favorite, happy place.

One of my favorite activities is playing in the little tide pools and rock puddles, looking for treasures. When the grandchildren were napping, I played alone and sat in the sand and dug with rocks and shells, plucking up tiny sea shells and a piece or two of sea glass. The most wonderful realization came when it occurred to me that I didn't care what anyone might have thought about this (way) over fifty lady sitting and digging in the sand. It's going to be very hard to go home.


  1. We would certainly love to visit you if you ever move to Maine!

  2. "The Sense of Wonder" by Rachel Carson-
    I am sure you must know this book!
    If not, look it up and you will see why your post brought this book to mind.

  3. Ah..memories of Maine.
    Thank you for a moment of peacefulness.

  4. Gathering shells and sea glass seem like great beach activities.

  5. What a lovely time! I've always wanted to visit Maine - your photos make me think that is just the way I thought the coast would look.