Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Solstice

     On this eve of the summer solstice, we have been soaking up all that is pleasant about summer time. The length of daylight hours delights us, especially in the evenings. There is still enough light at 9:00 PM to walk outside. We wait until the sun has gone down behind the trees, after the heat of the day has passed and the air is pleasantly cooler. Henri is especially happy to come along after lying around all day.
     The clouds and sunsets have been beautiful lately. I am once again assured that I dream in color because last night I dreamed I saw a beautiful sunset at the far end of a long road in front of me. The clouds were purple and dark blue and they formed a tunnel view of a spectacular bright orange and yellow sunset at the center. In the dream we were walking to a horseback riding lesson for Audrey and we were walking toward this sunset. It was a place that is unfamiliar to me. I have no idea if the dream means anything at all but, it was very pretty.
     We enjoy this land in every season, but we interact with it much more in the summer, on nights like this, savoring every last drop of daylight.
Eight o'clock in the evening.

Deer and rabbits aplenty : )
Sunset near Switzer Mountain


  1. Very lovely photos, Lenora. It also stayed light here in NH and it was nearly 9 pm before the sky colors began to fade. Living near a city now, we rarely see deer and rabbits, but then living in VA we only saw rabbits in our yard, never deer.

  2. Just breathtaking - you live in an enchanted place! I love the longer days, too.