Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the Garden and On the Windowsill

Our property is overrun with Mockingbirds and we now experiencing the annual "Hatching of the Mockingbirds". The babies have flown the nests and call for food from all parts of the yard... even at 2:30 in the morning. We rescued one baby fluff ball from the basement window well. Its mother screeched at us from a nearby tree all the while we were trying to catch it. This youngster was on one of the raised vegetable beds. It's at the leggy teenager stage. 

The bunny and the Mockingbird were in the garden at the same time. The bunnies are not shy and they let me get pretty close. We've noticed a spike in rabbits, moles, and ticks this year. Perhaps deer, too. (There's always a lot of deer so sometimes it's hard to tell.) We haven't heard any coyote, though. Two friends told me about encounters with rattlesnakes on their property two weeks ago. Now I'm on high alert when I go for walks. I'd much rather see baby birds and bunnies. : )

Tess picked the chamomile and lemon verbena for the windowsill.


  1. The picture with the sprinkler in the garden is a good shot!

  2. Love these summer pics, Lee!

  3. We used to see mockingbirds in our yard in VA all the time and they were not especially friendly. And, I too would much rather see bunnies and birds than snakes.