Thursday, June 22, 2017

Caraway Rug Camp 2017

     On any given day, I would bet there is a rug hooking camp going on somewhere. These camps are an opportunity for rug hookers to gather together under the tutelage of an experienced teacher in order to perfect their craft. It's also an opportunity to share ideas, display rugs, purchase supplies, and have a good time. The Caraway Rug Hooking Camp takes place about half an hour south of Greensboro, NC. It seems to be a well known and popular camp here in the southeast. It's an annual affair and it features some well known and respected teachers. I was happy to have the opportunity to drive down for one day with my friend and fellow hooker, Eleanor. We met up with another friend and fellow hooker, Georganna, along with other acquaintances who were attending the camp. Wednesday was an open house of sorts and anyone is welcome to come view the beautiful rugs on display,visit the classrooms, meet the teachers, buy supplies, and join everyone for lunch. Below is a small sampling of some of the rugs on display. I neglected to write down the name of the person who made the first rug pictured, which was spectacular. As soon as I can find out who made it, I will give him/her full credit. That person is truly an outstanding artist, as are all that had rugs on display, including our own Georganna!.
     Next month our Wooly Sheep Farm Rug Hookers group will have a mini workshop here in the Roanoke area. One of the teachers and the organizer of Caraway, Lisanne Miller, will spend four days working with a group of us who have pooled our resources together to have her come and work with us. I've chosen a large, challenging (for me) pattern for the workshop because I will have the rare opportunity of a teacher to guide me to get is started.

"Mushroom Patch" hooked by Verana Barron

"Will He Come" hooked by Becky Vickary
Beautiful detail

Hooked by Nancy Parcels

This is my favorite piece! It is very small, perhaps 10"x12" and was not labeled with the artist's name
This rug is very old by an unknown artist. It's simplicity makes it so beautiful.

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  1. My goodness - the talent! The first one pictured is amazing. That must have a taken awhile to hook!