Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rain: Days One, Two, Three, and Four

    Dawn breaks on day four of rain. Incredible. It is a steady, endless, pouring down rain that barely breaks for dog-walking and will not relent for parking lot crossing or mail retrieving. "Embrace it", is what I keep telling myself. It really is a wonderful rain.
    So, what does one do in four days of rain? Read books, watch movies, hook rugs, and clean out closets and basements! I've read three good books. Two of them took place during WWII settings: "22 Britania Road"
and "Salt to the Sea"
The third, a sad story about a dysfunctional family, but written so well and compellingly thoughtful that I could not put it down and I give it a rare, five-star rating, "Swimming Lessons".

I read the first book on the Kindle that Claire gave me for my birthday. I am a book lover in the sense of cherishing books, longing for books, and enjoying the real paper and glue versions, but I completely enjoyed holding and reading a book on Kindle. Firstly, I was able to download the Kindle version immediately from my library. No waiting for it to come in or driving to town to pick it up. I wanted a book to read and Bam! There it was. Secondly, the Kindle is so light and easy to hold and carry around. I could turn the pages with the tip of my pinky finger. It was a joy to use and I am quickly sold on it. I expect I will be reading a combination of formats from now on.
     Steve and I watched a good movie, "A Man Called Ove". I read the book last year and then John recommended the movie. It was very good and followed the book perfectly. It's all about a man named Ove who lives alone and is the bane of his neighbor's and his own existence. He dreadfully misses his dead wife and the story goes on from there. It is a foreign movie, so be prepared to read captions.
     Next up on a rainy Saturday was the monthly hook-in of the Wooly Sheep Farm Rug Hookers. Each month twenty or more hookers gather for the day at a fellowship hall to see what everyone has been creating on and to work on our rugs while we chat and break for lunch. It's a fun, chatty group and I love to see everyone's rugs. My friend, Georganna is a retired art teacher and a prolific hooker. She is working simultaneously on the two rugs below- the large village scene and the love birds. Another hooker is hooking the smaller version of the village. I started working on a new rug but I can't show it because it is a gift for someone. : )

     Lastly, aside from running through rain showers to get to church, the neighbor's, work, and the market, I am purging closets and basement for items to donate to our church yard sale on May 6th. I ventured  into some of my parent's boxes, had a huge cry, and came up for air feeling much better. I played some of the cassette tapes my dad made of he and my mom playing music together and I laughed at the back of one of my dad's paintings of Hibiscus flowers. In his bold handwriting, it's dated, 1/16/85 and it says, "Cold Bastard Day! Spring's Coming!" Oh, how I miss that grump. It's raining again today, but tomorrow has the promise of sunshine.


  1. How nice - to sit and read and hear the rain outside. Lovely. I do love a rainy day, but sorry yours have turned into so many!

    I love that your rug hooking group is called Hookers! The rugs pictured are gorgeous!

    And it is so bittersweet going through our parents' things - I can completely relate. I'll bet I would have enjoyed your dad. :)

  2. I enjoyed the book, A Man Called Ove, but have not seen the film. It's good to know that the film follows the book.